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Catalog Number HRHS-008
Collection Stiegel Family Papers
Object Name Papers

John Calvin Stiegel was born 26 January 1854 in Shenandoah County, Va. He moved to Harrisonburg in 1856 and went into business with J. P. Houck as Houck & Stiegel, dealers in bark. Stiegel later became a bark buyer for the J. P. Houck Tanning Company. Stiegel also was president of the J. C. Stiegel Lumber Co.

One of the original stockholders in the Rockingham National Bank, Stiegel sat on its board of directors and served as a vice-president. He was credited with opening Franklin Street, in Harrisonburg, the street on which he also lived. Stiegel and his wife also owned significant acreage in Rockingham County, near Timberville, which was sold a few years before his death.

He died 6 March 1916 at his Franklin Street home and was buried in Woodbine Cemetery. His wife, Margaret Frances Keller Stiegel, died on 28 August 1924.


The Stiegel Family Collection was "discovered" in 2001 by the owners of J.C. Stiegel's Franklin Street home in Harrisonburg. The collection is arranged in five series: Indentures and Deeds, Correspondence, Household Receipts, Financial Receipts, and Ephemera.

Indentures and Deeds range in date from 1770-1911 and include properties granted from King George III, Governor James Monroe, and Governor Thomas M. Randolph. Primarily these documents trace property transfers of certain parcels of land in Rockingham County through various owners, namely John Stoutamoyer, Jacob Miller, Samuel Myers/Meyers, John C. and M.F. Steigel, and Mollie S. Smucker.

Correspondence (1906-1914) is largely comprised of letters to J.C. Stiegel from various legal contacts regarding real estate sales and purchases, including a homestead known as "Rose Hill."

Also contained in the collection are various Household Receipts (1905-1917) which include receipts for groceries, agricultural implements, utilities, insurance, carriage and auto, household furnishings and clothing, medical expenses, and other miscellaneous household expenses.

Financial Receipts (1891-1916) consist of promissory notes, cancelled checks, tax assessment receipts, and miscellaneous other debts.

A folder of Ephemera (1864-1913) includes other paper items.


Folder 1 [Oversized]: Indentures and Deeds, 1770-1822
Item 1:property granted from King George III to Alexander White, 12 May 1770
Item 2:property of John and Mary Moore to John Bare, 22 Apr 1790
Item 3:property granted from Governor James Monroe, Esq., to Jacob Stoutmire, 19 Apr 1800
Item 4:property granted from Governor Thomas M. Randolph, Esq., to Joseph Miller,
16 May 1822

Folder 2: Indentures and Deeds, 1806-1887
Item 1:property of Benjamin and Polly Fulkerson to Jacob Miller, 15 Apr 1806
Item 2:certifying Polly Fulkerson's agreement, 15 Apr 1806
Item 3:land survey for John Shaver and John Stoutamoyer, by Philip Koontz, 13 Mar 1821
Item 4:property of John Shaver and John Stoutamoyer to Jacob Miller, 3 Apr 1821
Item 5:property of Abraham Williamson to Jacob Miller, 31 May 1822
Item 6:property of Andrew Moore to Jacob Miller, 20, Dec 1823
Item 7:property of Gibson Guy to Jacob Miller, 4 Feb 1826
Item 8:property of Benjamin A. Myers to Samuel H. Myers, 21 Feb 1866
Item 9:Andrew J. Myers to Samuel H. Myers, 1 Nov 1870
Item 10: land survey for S.H. Meyers by J.J. Bowman, 5 Mar 1887

Folder 3: Indentures and Deeds, 1886-1887
Item 1:property of Mrs. Martha Shands, et al. to Mrs. M.F. Steigel, 2 Aug 1886
Item 2:property of Mrs. Martha Shands, et al, to Mrs. M.F. Steigel, 15 Apr 1887

Folder 4: Indentures and Deeds, 1901-1911
Item 1:survey instruments deeded from William Bradford to C.S. Hoover, 5 Nov 1901
Item 2:lumber deeded from to J.C. Stiegel Lumber Co. from H.H. Hevner and James F. Palmer, 4 Aug 1903
Item 3:property of John H. Ralston to J.C. Stiegle, 24 Feb 1906
Item 4:property of John H. Hoover and Charles E. Fahrney (Fawley?) [estate of Samuel Myers], to John C. and M.L. Stiegel, 7 Feb 1907
Item 5:Circuit Court document regarding the will of Charles Lennig of Pennsylvania,
1 Jan 1908
Item 6:property of J.C. and M.L. Steigel (sic) to D.C. and Mollie S. Smucker, 24 Apr 1911
Item 7:property of J.C. and M.L. Steigel (sic) to D.C. and Mollie S. Smucker, 1 May 1911

Folder 5: Correspondence, 1906-1914, n.d.
Item 1:19 June [n.d.]to Messrs Garber & B from ???
Item 2:12 June 1906to J.C. Steigle (sic) from Chas. R. Fawley
Item 3:20 Aug 1908to J.C. Steigle (sic) from Chas. R. Fawley
Item 4:26 May1910to J.C. Steigel (sic) from Chas. R. Fawley
Item 5:22 Aug 1910to J.C. Stiegel from Francis F. Eastlack, Jr. (1st letter)
Item 6:22 Aug 1910to J.C. Stiegel from Francis F. Eastlack Jr. (2nd letter)
Item 7:13 Mar 1912to J.C. Stiegel from Albert P. Stroebel
Item 8:16 Mar 1912to J.C. Stiegel from Albert P. Stroebel
Item 9:7 Aug 1912to Garber Master & B... from S.L. Hoover
Item 10:30 Dec 1912to J.C. Steigel (sic) from Francis F. Eastlack, Jr.
Item 11:c.1914note re unknown author's tracing of deed

Folder 6: Household Receipts, 1905-1917
6a. Grocery Receipts, 1905-1915
6b. Agricultural Receipts, 1905-1915
6c. Power and Water Receipts, 1909-1917
6d. Insurance Receipts, 1910-1915
6e. Carriage and Auto Receipts, 1906-1915
6f. Household Furnishings and Clothing, 1906-1915
6g. Medical Receipts, 1911-1916
6h. Misc. Household Receipts, 1906-1911

Folder 7: Financial Receipts, 1891-1916
7a. Promissory Notes, 1891-1913
7b. Cancelled Checks, 1904-1916
7c. Tax Assessment Receipts, 1908-1911
7d. Misc. Other Debts, 1905-1915

Folder 8: Ephemera, 1864-1913
Swift's Fertilizers pocket calendar/notebook, c.1913
Southern Railway Co., 1000 mile ticket, 1903
$5.00 Confederate bank note issued in Richmond
Old Elizabeth: Some Account of "Baron" Stiegel and His Operations ad Elizabeth; and Reminiscences of the Iron master who Succeeded Him. An Address delivered at the Annual Outing of the Lancaster County Historical society, at Elizabeth Furnace and Farms, July 11, 1913. W.U. Hensel. Lancaster, PA: Press of the New Era Printing Company, 1913.

Title Stiegel Family Papers