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Catalog Number HRHS-002
Collection Ruby Layman Collection
Object Name Scrapbook
Scope & Content
Ruby Kiser Layman's husband Lawrence served in WWII along with his two brothers Cecil and Russell.

The collection consists of a scrapbook assembled by Ethel Layman, of Keezletown, during World War II, and photocopies of loose clippings collected by her but never mounted in the scrapbook. Her three sons (Lawrence, Cecil and Russell) served in the military during the war. The donor, Ruby Kiser Layman was the wife of Lawrence Layman. Many of the articles concern local citizens during the war, as well as clippings regarding national and international people and events.

Index of local citizens mentioned in the scrapbook is attached. Loose clippings are not yet indexed.

HRHS-2 Surname Index
Name: Page:
Alexander, Glen12
Crawford, Elmer D.73
Andes, Roy H.55
Crawford, Russell Gilbert58
Armentrout, Cecil W.65
Cromer, Ernest Eugene7
Armentrout, Ernest B.72
Crossley, Donald W.55
Armentrout, Lurty B.15
Cupp, Wilbur R.72
Armstrong, Marion J.3
Custer, Turner13
Armstrong, Marion Jefferson73Davis, Floyd Dell39
Bagby, Sarah A.39Davis, Francis E.43
Bailey, Ray F.18Davis, John A.3
Baker, Hensel W.71Delawder, Arnold73
Baker, Walter McCormick15Dennison, Carroll E.51
Barnhart, Philip W.71Deputy, Robert F.57
Beasley, William Arnold9Derrow, Raymond B.7
Bibb, Harry Lee12Detamore, Roscoe12
Bibb, John W.12Devereux, James Patrick17
Bibb, Jr., Moffett E.12Dilworth, Harry B.12
Bibb, Nelson C.12Dilworth, Harry S.10
Bibb, Wade L.12Dingledine, Raymond C.45
Bibb, Ward M.12Douglas, Carl64
Black, Roy15Dove, Lawrence T.11
Blackburn, Beverly S.71Dove, Leo G.11
Bowers, Robert46Dovel, Frank T.62
Bowers, Robert A.69Dovel, Willard A.5
Bowers, Robert A.47Dovel, Willard F.25
Bowman, Fred Allen65Dovel, William3
Boyers, Woodrow L.19Driver, Frank H.1
Bradford, Jr., Norris L.73Dundore, Charles23
Braithwaite, Charles T.7Dundore, Jacob15
Branum, William H.65Dundore, Jr., Jacob B.53
Branum, William H.15Dunlap, Sam69
Brubeck, Fred Lee65Early, Garnett43
Brunk, J. Frank72Earman, Charles E.7
Byers, Jr., A. C. "Kip"5Earman, Jr., Charles E.45
Byers, Clifford5Earman, John37
Campbell, Ernest F.65Earman, John M.53
Campbell, Roy T.57Eddins, Russell73
Carrier, James Edward51Edwards, Charles M.13
Carrier, Robert Warren51Edwards, Dwight13
Cassidy, A. S.46Edwards, Julius W.13
Chambers, Meredith1Edwards, Julius W.15
Chandler, Ralph C.66Ellis, Henry C.3
Chenault, Raymond15Ervin, Bernard W.19
Church, Ernest Preston12Ervin, Bruce L.19
Click, David Hiram12Ervin, Harold C.19
Cline, Lester L.65Ervin, J. P.19
Coffman, Calvin J.11Ervin, Samuel13
Coffman, Kolbe27Ervin, Samuel53
Conrad, George23Ervin, Samuel O.19
Cooper, Lloyd F.55Evans, Grover E.13

HRHS-2 Surname Index
Evans, Thomas K.49Higgs, Hugh H.1
Evans, Warren A.49Higgs, Joseph D.9
Ewing, Ernest P.1Hilbert, Donald71
Eye, Raymond A.15Hilbert, Raymond M.65
Fagg, Cecil65Hilbert, Waldo B.48
Fawley, Stanley D.65Hilbert, Waldo B.46
Fleming, Ralph73Hisey, Elwood57
Fletcher, Frank J.15Hogue, William1
Flory, Stanley T.25Holsinger, Robert62
Forren, Walter A.1Hoover, Charles L.5
Forren, Walter A.53Hoover, Charles L.29
Forren, Walter A.15Hopkins, Edwin B.9
Foss, Joe1Hopkins, John A.13
Fuller, Walter B.67Hopkins, Stephen1
Fuller, Jr., Walter B.29Hopkins, Warren H.51
Gambill, Victor Persons12Horn, Russell69
Garber, Bobby B.73Hottel, Luther B.67
Gardner, Charles H.11Howdyshell, Wilbert Lester37
Garth, Robert A.71Howe, James W.13
Gibson, Vernon (Johnny)13Huffer, Ira N.38
Gilmer, John Roscoe1Huffer, Norman Ira19
Glick, Victor E.23Hughes, Walden A.25
Golladay, Ralph10Hughes, Walden A.5
Gooden, Ray Carlton53Humes, Ralph7
Gordon, Benjamin F.7Humes, Ralph55
Gordon, Floyd7Hummel, Carl N.15
Graham, Charles Hale29Hummel, Earl J.15
Graham, Hale5Humphrey, Charles R.53
Grove, James C.17Jameson, C. R.15
Hall, Garland L.5Julius, George72
Halterman, Elwood63Kalitetis, Constantine28
Hamman, William H.17Kaylor, Jane45
Harmon, Emory W.65Kelly, Colin5
Harmon, Tom9Kennedy, Alvan13
Harpine, Casper (Allen)15Kennedy, Alvan15
Harrington, Melvin Lee1Kennedy, Alvan58
Harrison, Jacob L.63Kennedy, Alvan7
Hassler, Carolyn5Kennedy, Alvan E.25
Heatwole, Dorris J.5Kennedy, Alvan E.19
Heatwole, Dwight55Kennedy, Alvan E.73
Hendricks, Robert12Kennedy, Alvin E.15
Hensley, Ellis7Kennedy, Billy N.65
Hensley, Welty Hinkle62Kersh, E. Orlin12
Hepner, T. J.15Kibler, C. D.13
Hering, Robert T.71Kingston, Thomas J.63
Herndon, Ruth Winegard47Kirtley, George W.46
Herold, Jr., Andrew Clyde3Kirtley, George W.51
Hess, Carl45Kline, Ralph F.7
Higgs, Donald L.50Kline, Stanley Fly9

HRHS-2 Surname Index
Kline, Stanley Fly55Miller, Edwin Kenneth72
Klingenstein, Siegfried55Miller, Gabe42
Klingstein, Siegfried57Miller, Homer L.9
Koontz, Clyde E.25Miller, Homer L.18
Koontz, George R.25Miller, Homer L.1
Koontz, Hedrick D.25Miller, Hubert42
Koontz, Paul W.25Miller, Kensely7
Kyger, Archie B.71Miller, Paul1
Lam, Ed55Miller, Robert35
Lam, James E.18Mohler, Beryl25
Lam, James E.11Mohler, Glover Carl7
Landes, Clarence73Mohler, Glover Carl25
Landes, Orville73Mohler, Wayne25
Landes, Paul73Moore, Cecil52
Landes, Ray73Moore, Cecil69
Lane, Harold M.5Morris, Martin E.65
Layman, L. L.27Moubray, James W.23
Layman, Michael C.71Moubray, James W.18
Lee, Jr., Jessie5Moubray, Ted F.73
Lichliter, Lawrence D.1Mowbray, Harold12
Lindsey, Eldridge E.29Muterspaugh, Arnold55
Lineweaver, Horace C.10Myers, Wellington Z.23
Lineweaver, J. Yancey27Nalley, Albert W.43
Lineweaver, William N.43Neff, Paul Orville72
Lipscomb, Henry P.12O'Donnell, Charles R.26
Logan, Harold L.17O'Donnell, James O.26
Logan (Mrs.), George9O'Donnell, John D.26
Long, Cliinton55O'Donnell, Lawrence P.26
Long, Frank3O'Donnell, William (Bill) S.26
Long, Frank55Orndorff, Joseph L.41
Long, Jr., Jacob Owen72Payton, Ellis1
Long, Robert55Peters, Paul9
Long, Truman E.51Powell, John W.19
Magalis, Walter72Price, C. G.72
Mansfield, Herbert T.15Price, Harold13
Marsh, Benjamin Clarke13Propst, Charles E.1
Martin, Robert M.65Puffenberger, Riley Cameron5
Mauck, Robert P.11Ralph, Harold22
McDaniel, John Wesley53Renalds, J. O.12
McDonald, Lathan9Rhodes, A. A.11
McDorman, Edward13Rhodes, Charles (Bill) W.15
McLaughlin, Charles K.9Rhodes, G. N.15
Meadows, Alonza P.9Rhodes, Harold F.15
Meadows, Lloyd E.9Rhodes, J. Clark15
Merica, Sam7Rhodes, Jack52
Michael, Odie73Rhodes, Jack11
Miller, Charles46Rhodes, Max11
Miller, Charles C.42Rhodes, Max52
Miller, Charles C.9Riddle, Davis35

HRHS-2 Surname Index
Riley, Felton43Sites, Thelma W.13
Riley, Thomas F.25Skeans, Taylor38
Ritchie, Jr., Scott B.51Smallwood, James48
Roach, Enoch B.39Smiley, William E.71
Rodeffer, Virgil P.71Smith, Charles J.51
Rogers, Harold13Smith, Edward48
Rohland, Frank O.41Smith, Edward L.1
Rohland, Henry41Smith, Ethel29
Roller, George23Smith, Norman D.72
Rolston, David Robert12Smith, Paul13
Rush, Charles C.73Smith, Robert23
Sager, Jr., Philip A.62Spitzer, Jr., Benjamin F.19
Sager, Jr., Philip A.50Spitzer, Ernest W.7
Sager, Jr., Philip12Spitzer, John B.19
Saunders, Paul Golden23Spitzer, Kingsley G.18
Saunders, Paul Golden5Spitzer, Kingsley G.19
Seal, Ludwill7Spitzer, Max19
Sedwick, Elmer15Spitzer, Zane73
Shaeffer, Warren Leroy73Stanley, Donald M.58
Shank, Billy71Stearn, Anna Marie7
Shank, Billy72Stiteler, Carlton (Buddy) L.15
Shank, Otho M.15Stoneburner, Troy L.72
Shank, William12Stover, Harry W.11
Sheffer, Garlon E.13Stover, Harry W.19
Shenk, Charles L.65Stover, Harry W.55
Shifflett, Bernard C.65Stover, Harry W.7
Shifflette, Jack1Strole, Trenton Atwood15
Shirkey, Floyd A.13Strole, Trenton Atwood65
Shirkey, Vivian R.73Stroop, Dolly V.25
Shoemaker, Frank L.51Stroop, Emmett25
Showalter, Carlos15Stroop, Floyd W.25
Showalter, Glen M.57Stroop, Gilbert25
Showalter, Glen M.55Stroop, Roy N.25
Showalter, Howard E.11Swecker, Harold11
Showalter, Mark55Switzer, Frank23
Showalter, Nelson55Switzer, Frank69
Shuler, Ivan P.11Switzer, John Robert23
Shull, James R.72Tate, Carl C.26
Simmers, Melvon W.51Tate, Carl Cecil55
Simmers, Raymond H.51Tate, Charles R.26
Simmers, Vernon C.51Tate, George S.26
Simmes, Boyd R.51Tate, George S.25
Simmons, Edwin L.25Tate, Jr., Henry W.26
Simmons, Edwin L.55Thompson, Sayre73
Simmons, Edwin L.51Todd, Clyde L.15
Simmons, Elmer C.65Turner, Gifford G.43
Simmons, Harry G.73Tutwiler, Weldon Frank57
Sipe, Fred12Van Zandt, James12
Sites, Cleve W.72Wade, William T.18

HRHS-2 Surname Index
Wade, William T.15
Wagner, Eugene S.51
Walton, Elwood7
Wampler, Fred E.9
Warble, Charles R.64
Washam, William J.71
Weaver, Benjamin E.37
Weaver, Raymond H.37
Webb, Albert72
Weekley, Virgil18
Whetzel, Howard A.5
Whetzel, Ward L.65
Whitmer, Clark F.71
Whitmer, Merel E.71
Whitmer, Warren L.71
Whitmore, Paul A.17
Whitmore, Stanley H.13
Wilfong, Arthur H.65
Wilfong, Johnny A.13
Wilkerson, Annie O.7
Wray, Frank67
Wright, Helen Hardy3
Yancey, John (Jack) M.35
Zirkle, Charles L.3
Title Ruby Layman Collection