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Catalog Number HRHS-091
Collection HRHS Newspaper Collection
Object Name Newspapers
Scope & Content SCOPE AND CONTENT:
This is an ongoing collection of newspapers published in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.

Harrisonburg/Rockingham County Papers:
Daily News Record:
1913, June 30Army Tenting on Old Camp Ground, Thousands at Gettysburg
1913, July 10County Has 4,452 Voters
1913, October 17Tents Are Pitched in Readiness for Rockingham Fair
1913, October 28George Earman Attacks Payments of Fees
1913, December 3Normal School Needs Set Forth-Ask $125,000 Each Year
1913, December 5First Photograph of Battle of Juarez
1913, December 19Board is Divided on Road Election
1913, December 20Balance of Pike to be Resurfaced-Winchester to Staunton
1914, January 17County Treasury in Good Shape
1914, January 21Harrisonburg's New Virginia Theatre Opens on Monday Night
1914, January 22Religious History of Virginia Valley
1914, January 26Opening Week of the New Virginia Theatre Ad (back page)
1914, January 27County Treasury is in Good Shape
1914, January 30Rebels May Get Munitions of War-Wilson for Big Navy
1914, January 31Rebel Troops Moving Southward on March to Capital of Mexico
1914, March 13Light Committee Will Take Trip-No Plan Ready Yet For
Auxiliary Service
1914, May 6Mexicans Mass Troops About Vera Cruz, Menace U.S. Forces
1914, August 8Milk Pasteurizing Plant Now Located
1914, August 11Last Sad Rites for Mrs. Wilson
1914, August 12Mrs. Wilson Now Rest "At Home" Rome GA
1914, August 20Battle in Belgium Rages Along 70 Mile Line
1914, September 1Paris Prepares for Siege
1914, September 11Germans Retreating All Along Line
1914, October 9County Fair Next Week-Attractions Flying Machine
1915, April 28Yesterday was Hottest April Day in History
1915, August 26Big Event at Lacy Springs, Nearly 1,000 at Fair
1915, August 27Fair at Lacey Come To Close, Fair Catalogue Will Be Ready Next Week
1915, September 28Features For Fair (Great Rockingham County Fair)
1915, September 30New Enterprise In Bridgewater-Ice Factory & Creamery Plant
1915, October 1Human Voice Travels From Arlington to Hawaii-Europe May Be Next
1915, October 8C. Grattan Price Named Secretary of Harrisonburg Board of Trade
1915, October 13Rockingham Candidates For Nov. Elections
1915, October 18Meet Me at The Fair Ad, Balloon Ascension Every Day
1915, November 12W. L. Sandy Superintendent of Alms House
1915, November 13Magazine to be Published by Normal School
1915, November 15Booker T. Washington Famous Negro Leader is Dead
1915, November 18Booker T. Washington Burial at Tuskegee Alabama
1915, November 19Dr. C. E. Conger Re-Elected as Physician For County Alms House
1915, November 20American Aeroplanes Fly to Mexican Border, Okla. to San Antonio
1915, December 6Col. John S. Mosby is Today 82 Years Old
1916, January 5Keezletown High School Burns to Ground, More than 100 Kids Escape
1916, February 5New School Plan is Now Favored
1916, February 10Offices Named by Creamerymen-W. C. Hoover President
1916, February 12Double Program Tonight at the New Virginia Theatre
1916, February 14Prohibition Bill Up on Wednesday
1916, February 15Cedar Rust Law in Two Districts-Many Road Matters Heard
1916, February 16Governor Makes Personal Appeal For Tax System
1916, March 13U.S. Troops to Begin Pursuit of Villa Today
1916, March 14President Wilson Permits Mexicans to Enter U.S. If Pursuing Bandits
1916, March 15American Forces Starts-After Villa
1916, April 27U.S. Forces Battle With Villistas, Two Troopers Many Mexicans Killed
1917, March 7Austrian Reply Lease Way Open for Negotiations
1917, April 3Wilson Urges That Congress Declare State of War Exists
1917, April 5Senate Passes War Resolution
1918, May 17First American Communique has Been Received Here
1918, November 9Hohenzollerns Fall Kaiser Wilhelm Decided to Quit
1918, November 11Armistice Has Been Signed, World War Closes at 6 o'clock
1919, May 14One Hundred and Sixteenth Returns May 22nd
1920, May 13Map of Lee Highway Transcontinental (pages 3-6 only)
1920, October 12Burning of the Valley
1921, July 11Two Young Men Drown in River Near Cootes Store
1923, October 6Mason Honor Four Patricians in Their Lodge
1924, January 29National Forest in Valley Open as Vast Playground
1924, February 4Wilson Died While Sleeping
1924, February 5Wilson Rites Tomorrow
1924, April 14Big Fight Over Coolidge Looms in Senate This Week
1924, May 6Queen of Apple Blossom Fete-Elizabeth Steck
1924, July 5Rockingham's World War Dead Memorial on Main Street
1924, September 9$700,000 Deficit in State No Cause for Alarm
1924, September 12100 in Rockingham Pledge Selves as "Defense Volunteers"
1924, September 13163 Volunteer for Defense as Test Day is Observed
1924, September 15U.S. Commission to Inspect Skyland for National Park
1924, September 23Sheriff Dove Wars on Illegal Slot Machines
1924, September 24Teachers College Enrollment Will Break 1923 Record at 525
1924, September 25Gen. Pershing Will Get Full Pay and Allowance for Life
1925, August 14U.S. Agents Seize $100,000 of Real Beer in East
1925, August 21Work Started to Link Up valley Power Companies
1925, September 23Sen. Byrd Desires Military Men to Serve on Staff
1926, January 20Asst. Sec. of War McNider Declares Virginia has Repaid France
1926, March 15Annual Red Cross Chapter Meeting Here Next Saturday
1926, June 8American Boy Faces Death for Deserting French Army in Syria
1926, September 15Timberville Ships Carload Tomatoes to Florida Today
1926, December 30Ex-Gov. Dunne Sees Peril to South in Not Seating Smith
1927, February 4Capt. James L. Avis, John Brown's Guard Dies Here, Aged 83
1927, February 5Staunton Offers Shen. Valley, Inc. Free Rent, Light, Water and Heat if Headquarters are Moved There
1927, March 433 Killed in Virginia Preventable Auto Mishaps
1927, March 5Six Selected for Religious Training School Faculty
1927, March 7$408,913 Estimated as Needed for All Expenses of County
1927, March 9Campaign to Immunize Rockingham Children from Diphtheria
1927, March 28Funds Still Needed to Enroll Living Rockingham Confederate Veterans at Stone Mountain
1927, March 30Signing of Search Warrants Voted By House After Fight
1927, June 22Elkton Prepares for Park Gateway; Starts Work on Big Reservoir
1928, February 23KKK Discard the Mask, Rockingham Knights Approve Move
1928, March 17Eastside Citizens for Own Highway and Rawley Route
1928, March 24Parent-Teacher Assn Formed
1928, September 12Hoover Democrats Bolt in Texas; Fist Fight in Convention
1928, September14Democrats Will Not Impair Immigration Law, Says Robinson
1928, November 16Robbers Steal Auto, Rifle Gas Station
1928, December 1Hoover Passes Over Equator
1929, February 23W. U. Inaugurates New Cable Service
1929, November 20Power Commission is still Studying Brocks Gap Dam
1929, November 6Pollard Leads by 61,000
1930, January 20Mercury Drops to 12 Degrees Below Zero in the Valley
1930, January 29Swank Offers Bill to Place Women's College In H'burg
1930, January 30Grattan Price Named Chairman of Citizens Steering Committee on State Women's College Site
1930, February 5Assembly Likely to Defer Woman's College Two Years
1930, February 7Millionaire Senator's Daughter Weds Bank Clerk, A Virginian
1930, February 20Another Mysterious Fire Guts Vacant Park School Building
1930, February 21House Okays Bill to Stop Holding Out of Tax Bills
1930, April 15Miss Sue Pollard Selected as Queen of Apple Festival
1930, April 18To Spend $150,000 in Five Years on Girl Scout Camp
1930, April 19Timberville and Bridgewater Win County Contests
1930, April 21Lindbergh Breaks Record in Flight Across Continent
1930, April 24Five Rockingham Towns Make Gains in Population
1930, April 25Orchardists Fear Apples Damaged by Sudden Freeze
1930, July 22Blue Ridge Blaze Near Shenandoah is Under Control
1930, July 25Custer's Store Burglary Solved
1930, July 28N & W Will Curtail Passenger Trains
1930, July 31Old Circuit Court Room Passes; Workmen Strip it for Clerk's Office
1930, August 1Evangelist Flays Hypocrite as church's Worst Enemy
1930, August 30Shenandoah Baptists lame Empty Church Pews for Drought
1930, September 18Phil Lafollette Wins Governorship
1931, May 25Three Hurt When Autos Collide on The Valley Pike
1932, February 242,000 Persons Visit New Restaurant-New Friddle Establishment
1933, April 12Roosevelt Favors Four Camp Sites in Valley Area
1934, April 23Work Starts Today on State Theatre
1935, August 17Will Rogers and Wiley Post Killed When Plane Falls in Alaskan River; Engine Slides Back on Their Bodies
1937, MarchHarrisonburg's Business Shows Steady Progress
1938, October 31Radio Broadcast of Soldiers From Mars
1938, November 20One Killed, 15 Hurt When Explosion Wrecks N. Main Street Bldg.
1940, March 8Queen Elizabeth Largest Ship Safe In NY
1940, March 8Julias Opening Here Tonight-Most Modern Restaurant in Valley
Presents Colorful Scene-Full Page
1940, October 1265,000 are Thrilled By Turkey Festival Parade
1940, October 23British Drop Thousand Bombs on Hamburg
1940, October 25U.S., American Republics Ready to Occupy Fr. Caribbean
1940, October 26Draft Board of VA Chosen From All Groups
1940, October 30Historic Draft Drawing, Thousands Wait for Numbers
1940, October 31British Troops Aid Greeks in Battle Against Italians
1940, November 1Auto Industry Will Aid in Plane Program
1941, June 26Russians Hurl Back Nazi Invaders
1941, July 14Marshall Urges Service Longer Than One Year
1941, July 24All Indications Point to Japanese Going South to French Indo. China
1941, July 30Nazis Open Campaign for South American Sympathy
1941, August 6Colgate Darden and Wm. Tuck Win in Landslide
1941, August 25Churchill Allies Britain with US Against Japan
1941, August 27Queen Rockingham III
1941, September 16Merck Stonewall Plant Rising Near Elkton
1942, January 6Army, Navy Achieve Victories in Philippine Area
1942, January 7Vast Arms Production, fighting on Many Fronts Will Bring Total Victory
1942, January 13Jap Slowly Advanced In East Indies
1942, January 15Tanker Torpedoed Off Long Island, New Attacks on Luzon Beaten
1942, January 19Burma Premier Accused of Jap Plot, Movie Actress Carol Lombard dies
1942, January 222 More Vessels Sunk Off Carolinas, MacArthur's Men Smash Japanese
1942, March 1923 Jap Ships Sunk
1942, October 17Shenandoah Valley Swept by Raging Flood Waters
1942, October 21US Warplanes of All 3 Services Blasting Japanese on Guadalcanal
1942, November 13Nazi Land 2,000 Men in Tunisia to Check Allied Drive
1942, November 24Dakar and West Africa Join Allies, Reds Drive On
1943, March 30British Overrun Mareth Line Chase Axis Forces
1943, May 6Annual Meeting District D Ruritan National
1943, May 24Axis Air Losses Mounting, Lull in European Theatre
1943, August 4Northern German Line Fall Back, Americans Gain Toward Messina
1943, November 3Legislative and Country Incumbents Are Returned to Office
1943, November 8Red Army Drives Toward Romanian Border Following Capture of Kiev
1943, November 9Hitler Vows He Will Fight to End
1943, November 16Reds 35 Miles From Polish Border
1943, December 20Reds Start Big Offensive On Nevel
1944, January 24Allied Forces Advance
1944, February 2119 Jap Ships Sunk
1944, February 23Churchill Promises New Air Blows
1944, February 29Ex-Servicemen Will Get U.S. Job Preference
1944, March 6American Bombs Southwest France
1944, April 18B. Ney & Sons Celebrate 7th Anniversary
1944, June 5Rome Falls To Allies
1944, June 6Invasion On! Allied Troop Land in Northern France
1944, June 7Allied Troops Battle Inland On Invasion Coast
1944, June 8Allied Forces Take First French City in Drive Inland
1944, June 9Nazi Reserves Fail to Halt Steady Allied Advances
1944, June 12Yanks Within 14 Miles of Cherbourg, Nearing St. Lo, 29th Div.
1944, June 14Battle Sways Near Cherbourg
1944, July 13Yanks Edge Forward
1944, July 28Quick US Tank Blows Normandy Line
1944, August 10Yanks Rush Unchecked on Last 100 Miles Toward Paris
1944, August 12US Tanks Battle to Trap 100,000 Germans West of Paris
1944, August 21US Armored Drives Reach Seine
1944, August 28Paris Liberation Parade Ended by Gunfire & Rioting
1944, September 1Americans at Sedan Only 55 Miles from German Border
1944, September 6Armored Spearheads Probe Keystones of German West Wall
1944, September 8Yanks 39 Miles From Aachen
1944, September 21British Battle to Rescue Isolated Allied Airborne Force
1944, October 9American Fighting Inside Aachen
1944, November 7Yanks, Driven From Vossenack in Counterattack, Counterattack, Regain Lost Ground
1944, November 13Germans Leaving Metz Fortress
1944, November 16Yanks Bypass Fort Bryant
1944, November 20Nazi Stands on Rhine are Cracking
1944, November 22Mulhouse and Saarebourg Taken
1944, December 11First Open Vicious Drive West
1945, January 19Russian Reach German Front
1945, January 31Reds 73 Miles from Berlin, Yanks Smash Siegfried
1945, February 19American Troops Are Battling on Corregidor
1945, February 2030,000 Marines Taking Iwo Isle in Fierce Fight
1945, February 21Marine Capture No. 1 Bomber Field on Iwo Isle
1945, February 237,000 Bombs Hurled at Reich
1945, February 24American 1st and 9th Army Open Offensive
1945, February 26Americans Roll Within 15 Miles of Cologne
1945, March 3Two Party System Urged at GOP Banquet
1945, March 6Cologne Fall Near as 1st Army Takes 5th of City
1945, March 13Virginia Beverage Red Cross Worker
1945, March 161st Seizes Six Lane Road
1945, March 21Katherine Wilson Red Cross Worker
1945, March 291st and 3rd Nearing Link Up Deep in Reich
1945, March 301st Army Tanks Almost Cut Ruhr From Rest of Germany
1945, March 31American Tank Forces Are Only 182 Miles From Berlin
1945, April 13President Roosevelt Dies Suddenly While Resting at Warm Springs, George cottage
1945, April 14President Proclaims Day of National Mourning and Prayer
1945, May 7War In Europe Over! Nazi's Surrender
1945, May 8Truman and Churchill Speak Today at 9:00 a.m.
1945, May 12Mighty Seventh War Loan Asks More of Individuals
1945, Mary 14Over 500 Super Forts Blast Nagoya
1945, May 15Nagoya again is Target Mighty Super
1945, May 16Eighteen Airfields of Japanese hit by Carrier Plans
1945, May 17Okinawa Casualties Pass 20,000
1945, May 18Army, Marines Fight Way In
1945, May 19Americans Advance Little In Stubborn Okinawa Fight
1945, May 21Yugoslav Tension Mounts in Dispute Over Treatise
1945, May 22Gen Hodges' Fighting First Army Headed for Pacific
1945, May 237th Infantry Drives Into Yokohana
1945, May 24Churchill Resigns Post to Force British Election
1945, May 26Anzio Forces and Main 5th Army Join in Final Sweep to Rome
1945, May 28Warship, Plane Attacks Hit Japanese
1945, June 10Allies Sever Main Communication
1945, June 18Six Marines Move Into Okinawa
1945, June 20Japanese Leap Into Surf as Marines Advance
1945, June 216,884 Japs Killed
1945, June 27World Charter Held Great Instrument for Peace
1945, July 9Truman Reported Enroute to Big Three Conference
1945, July 11US Carrier Attack Unopposed by Japanese
1945, July 252,000 Planes Pound Japan
1945, July 3013 Die as Plane Hits Empire State Building
1945, July 31400 Mile Strip of Japan Coasts Ablaze
1945, August 7Atomic Bomb Most Terrible Weapon
1945, August 860% of Hiroshima Wiped Out by U. S. Atomic Bomb
1945, August 9Russia Declares War on Japan
1945, August 13Tokyo bombed as Allies Await Japanese Reply on Surrender
1945, August 14Peace! Extra War Over!
1945, August 15War Over! Victory Celebration Today, Parade Tonight
1945, August 22Occupation of Japan to Begin on Sunday
1945, August 247,500 to Spearhead US Troops Landing on Japan
1945, August 29McArthur Flees North for Triumphal Entry in Japan
1945, August 30Our Occupation Forces Move Into Japan
1945, September 1Allied Officials Arrive at Yokohana
1945, September 4US Troops Spread Occupation Zone
1945, September 8Gen. McArthur and Troops Enter Tokoyo
1945, September 10America Control Spreads to Northern Most Limits of Tokoyo
1945, October 15Mrs. Smith Goes on Trial Today in Circuit Court
1945, October 20German Leaders Get Indictments Charging Many War Crimes
1945, October 22Mrs. Smith Found Guilty
1945, October 24Mrs. Gracie Smith Guilty, Given 20 Years
1945, November 17Marine Air Attack Warning in China
1945, November 23General Motors Strike May be Settled by January 15
1946, January 9Supervisors for Sales Tax to Aid Schools
1946, January 21Steel Strike, 750,000 Out
1946, February 4Insist A-Bomb Test in Pacific Kept Top Secret
1946, March 5Churchill Calls for Military Alliance Against Russia
1946, March 8V.F.W. Elects War II Veterans as Officers
1946, March 15President Truman Sees No Alarm Over Russian Situation
1946, March 16Churchill Urges UNO Act on Soviet Iran Dispute
1946, May 13Most Miners Return to Pits Today
1946, June 14Senate Slashes OPA to Shadow, Takes Price Ceilings off Meat
1946, June 26Congress Passed Draft Law
1946, August 7Senator Byrd Wins Renomination
1946, August 1015 Million GI's to Get Pay for Furlough Time
1946, August 19Music Festival Thrills Throng at Massanetta
1946, August 24Veteran Dies as Auto Overturns, Melvin C. Meadows
1946, August 29Halsey Says Warships Sail Where We Please
1946, August 31Dr. E. R. Miller Dies at Hospital
1946, September 19Craun Family Receive Award "Master Farm Family" D.C. Craun
1946, September 20Bridgewater College 67th Session with Largest Enrollment in History
1946, September 26Funds for Brocks Gap and Bridge Near Mt. Crawford
1946, October 3Craun Family Gets Award, Over 100 Attend Ceremonies at Farm
1946, October 7Two Are Killed in Auto Collision at Tenth Legion
1946, October 8Stadium Meet This Afternoon
1946, October 22Hopkins Wins High FFA Rank, J. L. Hopkins, Jr.
1946, October 25U.N. Assembly Called To Take Stand Against Franco
1946, November 6Senator Byrd, Roberson and Harrison are Winners
1946, November 26Coca-Cola Co. Employees Give $200 to Stadium Fund
1946, November 27Dr. James H. Deyerle Dies at Home Funeral Thursday
1946, December 4Coal Strike Articles
1946, December 5John Lewis Fined $10,000, Miner Union $3,500,000
1946, December 16W. Va. Pilot is Killed in Crash in Mt. Crawford
1947, January 9Hospital Fund Within $36,000 of Raising Goal
1947, April 17Over 450 Die as Blast Wrecks Texas City, Texas
1947, May 9Patrons Urge School Location at Monteville
1947, May 12Frost Heavily Damages Fruit at Timberville
1947, May 28(Only Pages 1,2,11,12)
1947, June 2Three Colleges Hold Their Finals Today
1947, June 12Sugar Rations Off for Household Users
1947, June 28Roy Acuff in Person at Natural Chimneys
1947, July 11Stadium Plans Are Approved-Memorial Stadium
1947, July 18Stadium Gifts are Announced
1947, July 2829th Division Pay Tribute to Fallen Comrades at Kavanaugh Hotel
1947, July 3010 Killed, 19 Injured When Blast Wrecks Masters Building
1947, July 31City Officials Begin Investigation of Masters Building Explosion
1947, August 12Senate Hearings on Hughes Air Contracts Ends
1947, August 148 Blast Victims in Rockingham Memorial Hospital
1947, October 21Mundy Opens New Quarry
1947, September 5General Election Results
1948, June 16Marshall Assails Funds Cut
1948, June 17Butzler Gets 13 Years for Thefts, Shooting
1948, June 19Vandenberg Criticizes Truman for Travelling in Critical Time
1948, June 22Green Blasts New Deal Party
1948, June 28Vandenberg and Others Praise G.O.P. Program
1948, August 3Dixie Senators to Continue Their Filibuster
1948, September 3County & City Building Permits Over $2 Million in 8 Months
1948, September 23Allies Stake Peace On Unyielding Berlin Stand
1948, September 2Man Killed, 3 Hurt, Car Overturns on Eastside Highway
1948, October 9New Truck Sales and Service Home North of City
1948, October 252 Crash Victims Funeral Services to be Held Today
1948, November 2Halloween Here Most Disorderly in Recent Years
1948, December 3Truman Sees No Cabinet Changes for the Present
1949, February 8Hearing on City's Traffic Problem Attracts Throng
1949, February 11Loewner Urges City Worker's Wage Increase
1949, April 5Mr. Bowman's Portrait Given Bridgewater
1949, April 7Zinc Mining Operations Start Near Timberville
1949, May 6Bridgewater College to Dedicate Hall Saturday
1949, May 13Family Day at Merck Today
1949, May 21Simmers Child Found After 12 Hour Search
1949, May 23Two Injured, Electric Off When Auto Smashes Pole
1949, June 963 Graduated at High School
1949, June 151849 Charter Provided for First Mayor and Council
1949, June 18Flood Waters Sweep Bridgewater
1949, June 20Flood, 2 Bridgewater Women Drown, Girl 9 Missing
1949, June 21Flood Area Residents Get Typhoid Serum at Towers
1949, June 22Bridgewater Removing Debris Water System is About Ready
1949, July 18Kenneth Purcell Dies in Crash on Valley Pike
1949, July 20Cloudburst at Rawley Brings Flood Conditions
1949, July 26Flood Survey by U.S. Engineers to Start Today
1949, July 29Judge W. V. Ford Rites Today
1949, August 16Harrisonburg Has Record Flood Damage
1949, August 17Margaret Mitchell Dies at Atlanta of Auto Injuries
1949, August 18Rain Prevents Peach Picking
1949, August 22Massanetta Services Attended by 4500
1949, August 23Elkton Field Day Saturday
1949, August 24Farm Bureau Leaders Discuss Reorganization
1950, August 12Allies Driving on Poliang, Reds Stab Across River
1950, September 6Raymond Tysinger Killed by Fire Truck
1960, February 27Shenandoah Valley Progress Edition, 1950 to 1960
1960, September 14Housing Authority in New Building on Kelly Street
1960, September 15Rockingham County Raises Fewer Turkeys This Year
1962, April 28Civil War Centennial Edition 1961-1965
1963, December 2Red Terror Fails to Curb Venezuela Vote
1965, January 19Churchill In Final Hour
1965, November 92nd Annual Broadway Fall Festival Celebration
1966, April 19Timberville Spring Jubilee
1966, May 9Drive Underway at RMH
1966, December 14Marketplace Offers Atmosphere for Discussion, Entertainment
1966, December 17Muhlenberg Lutheran Church Displays First Area Chrismon Tree
1968, April 5Martin Luther King Killed by Assassin in Memphis
1968, November 2Rockingham Memorial Hospital Expanding
1972, October 7Cleaning Up Operations Follow Storm
1973, May 8We're 75 Years Old Today
1976, July 3Fireworks Flags and Reflections
1978, January 12Rockingham Bicentennial Special
1980, July 3Harrisonburg Bicentennial
1981, March 31Gunman Wounds Reagan
1988, April 28Borderlines, A Look at Life in the Shenandoah Valley
1999, May 4A Century of News
1999, May 8100 Years Ago Today A News Tradition Began

Daily News Record Magazines: Valley Week/Our Valley
1966, April 30The Larry Thompson Story
1966, August 20Ancient Sport Rings With Life Today
1967, March 18A Mother's Gratitude
1967, May 13Valley Men Sing Out Plus "Seeing is Believing"

1987, May 22Your Guide to the Exciting Shenandoah Valley

1988, May 27Your Guide to the Exciting Shenandoah Valley
1989, May 26Your Guide to the Exciting Shenandoah Valley
1990, May 25Your Guide to History and Recreation In the Exciting Shenandoah Valley
1991, May 24Your Guide to Where to Go, What to See and Do In the Exciting Shenandoah Valley
1992, May 22The Shenandoah Valley: A Four Seasons Paradise
1993, May 28Your Guide to the Shenandoah Valley, Where Rivers Sparkle Through Pristine Mountains
1996, May 24Land of Learning
2002, May 24The War Years 1939-1945

Skyline Weekly Magazine/DNR
1982, May 21Vol. 1 No. 16Saluting King Poultry
1982, June 18Vol. 1 No. 18Playball: Valley League
1982, June 25Vol. 1 No. 20Truck Farming
1982, July 2Vol. 1 No. 21Statler Brothers
1982, July 9Vol. 1 No. 22Festival of Mime
1982, July 16Vol. 1 No. 23Riding Busch Garden
1982, July 23Vol. 1 No. 24Snaring the Elusive Trout
1982, July 30 Vol. 1 No. 25Making Music at Orkney Springs
1982, August 6Vol. 1 No. 27Working Americana
1982, August 13Vol. 1 No. 28Rockingham County Fair
1982, August 20Vol. 1 No. 29Summer Knights
1982, August 27Vol. 1 No. 30Tractor Pull Fever
1982, September 3Vol. 1 No. 31Keeping the Fifties Alive
1982, September 10Vol. 1 No. 32Savoring the Wine of Valley
1982, September 17Vol. 1 No. 33Riding on the Wind-Gliders
1982, September 24Vol. 1 No. 34Injury: High School Football
1982, October 1Vol. 1 No. 35Homes: Design From Past Shape of Future
1982, October 8Vol. 1 No. 36Harvest in Apple Country
1982, October 15Vol. 1 No. 37Weaving the Threads of Art
1982, October 22Vol. 1 No. 38Heating with Wood
1982, October 29Vol. 1 No. 39Night Tales-Ghost
1982, November 5Vol. 1 No. 40Search for Homes-SPCA
1982, November 12Vol. 1 No. 41Auctions:A Buyer's Heaven-Dick Heatwole
1982, November 26Vol. 1 No. 43Dance: the Art of Motion
1982, December 17Vol. 1 No. 46Sign of the Season
1982, December 24Vol. 1 No. 47A Christmas Tradition
1982, December 31Vol. 1 No. 481982 in Review
1983, January 7Vol. 1 No. 49A Chapter in Virginia Politics Closes
1983, January 14Vol. 1 No. 50Reflection of A Taxi Driver
1983, January 21Vol. 1 No. 51Silent World of Cross Country Skiing
1983, January 28Vol. 1 No. 52Minor Sport at JMU
1983, February 4Vol. 2 No. 1Hobby Robinson Photographer, Author
1983, February 11Vol. 2 No. 2EMC Drama Duo
1983, February 18Vol. 2 No. 3Shenandoah's Surveyor
1983, February 24Vol. 2 No. 4Winter Road Crews
1983, March 4Vol. 2 No. 5Folk Medicine
1983, March 11Vol. 2 No. 6Playthings From the Past
1983, March 18Vol. 2 No. 7Clowning Around Town
1983, March 25Vol. 2 No. 8Gunmetal Artistry
1983, April 1Vol. 2 No. 9Trout Fishing
1983, April 8Vol. 2 No. 10Jazz & Rock
1983, April 15Vol. 2 No. 11The Night Franklin Burned
1983, April 22Vol. 2 No. 12A Stroll Through Lexington
1983, April 29Vol. 2 No. 13Valley Pottery
1983, May 13Vol. 2 No. 15Biking the Backroads
1983, May 20Vol. 2 No. 16Major League Memories
1983, May 27Vol. 2 No. 17Climbing Challenge
1983, June 3Vol. 2 No. 18Dinner Theatre JMU
1983, June 10Vol. 2 No. 19A Collection of Student Writing
1983, June 17Vol. 2 No. 20Collecting Bottles
1983, June 24Vol. 2 No. 21Wip Robinson
1983, July 1Vol. 2 No. 22Staunton's Favorite Sons Statlers
1983, July 8Vol. 2 No. 23Virginia's Touch of Holland (Cheese)
1983, July 15Vol. 2 No. 24Looking to Its Past Belle Grove
1983, July 22Vol. 2 No. 25Scrimshaw: Old Art New Look
1983, July 29Vol. 2 No. 26Weekend Racers-Summit Point
1983, August 5Vol. 2 No. 27Elkton Proud of Its Past
1983, August 12Vol. 2 No. 28Preparing for the County Fair
1983, August 19Vol. 2 No. 29EMT to the Rescue
1983, August 26Vol. 2 No. 30Dairy Goats, Business & Pleasure
1983, September 2Vol. 2 No. 31Harnessing Living Horsepower
1983, September 9Vol. 2 No. 32Weekend Warriors-National Guards
1983, September 16Vol. 2 No. 33Livestock Auctions
1983, September 23Vol. 2 No. 34Square Dancing
1983, September 30Vol. 2 No. 35JMU Marching Royal Dukes
1983, October 7Vol. 2 No. 36Call of the Season Bow Hunting
1983, October 14Vol. 2 No. 37Catching the Fall Colors
1983, October 21Vol. 2 No. 38Cave-In (Grand Caverns)
1983, October 28Vol. 2 No. 39Tales of the Hauntings
1983, November 4Vol. 2 No. 40Valley Arts Alliance
1983, November 11Vol. 2 No. 41Border Collies
1983, November 18Vol. 2 No. 42Carving Dreams & Fiddles
1983, November 25Vol. 2 No. 43China Connection Prof. Wang
1983, December 2Vol. 2 No. 44Region's Booming Ski Resorts
1983, December 9Vol. 2 No. 45Hog Butchering Family Tradition
1983, December 16Vol. 2 No. 46Toys That Jack Built
1983, December 23Vol. 2 No. 47Collector's Candy
1983, December 30Vol. 2 No. 48Top Stories of 1983
1984, January 6Vol. 2 No. 49New Age Building
1984, January 13Vol. 2 No. 50Ken Schuler
1984, January 20Vol. 2 No. 51Star Gazing JMU Planetarium
1984, January 27Vol. 2 No. 52Invitation to Neiman-Marcus
1984, February 3Vol. 3 No. 1China Painting
1984, February 10Vol. 3 No. 2Winsome Romance
1984, February 17Vol. 3 No. 3Future Farmers of America
1984, February 24Vol. 3 No. 4Sophomore Sensations-JMU
1984, March 2Vol. 3 No. 5John Oliver Psychic
1984, March 9Vol. 3 No. 6Carlyle Lynch-Artist & Craftsman
1984, March 16Vol. 3 No. 7Surveying Then & Now
1984, March 23Vol. 3 No. 8Tuttle & Spice Store
1984, March 30Vol. 3 No. 9Massanutten Vo-Tec

The Daily News, Harrisonburg, VA
Various issues from 1903

Harrisonburg Daily Times
Various issues from 1905 to 1912

Harrisonburg Daily News
1910, May 14Toasts the Kaiser, Mr. Roosevelt Drinks to His Health
1912, July 25Soldiers Leave, Harrisonburg Guards Start for Ten Days Encampment
1912, July 25Harrisonburg Daily News

Rockingham Register:
1830, October 16New Store, Samuel H. Coffman & Co.
1834, December 20Columbian Melodies
1835, March 7Turleytown Meeting, Maj. A. Lincoln Appointed Delegate
1835, May 16The Beauty of Liberty
1859, November 18Baltimore Hospital-Dr. Johnson
1861, November 29Battle of Manassas
1862, November 14The Last Raids of Morgan
1863, November 27Progress of the War
1864, March 18The American Hotel for Sale Privately
1864, May 13President's Message
1865, March 24Wood Carving of Second Battle of Bull Run
1865, March 31Speech of Mr. Long of Ohio
1865, July 28Value of Confederate Money Exchange Rate
1868, June 18Col. Marmaduke Johnson & Gen. Wickham
1870, October 20Death of Robert E. Lee
1876, February 10Letter From Jefferson Davis on Blaine
1881, November 10A Warning Incident
1888, June 14Our Town, Among the Merchants
1889, November 8Rockingham 784 for McKinney!
1894, November 2October Farm Notes

Harrisonburg Free Press:
1894, January 4X-mas at the Glen
1894, August 30Herman Wise Again to the Front
1895, May 30Money Lost, Money Lost
1900, January 3Four Bombs in Manilla
1904, April 14Latest News By Telegraph
1904, June 1Valley Hardware Company Buys Real Estate
1906, June 4A Normal Market

The State Republican, Harrisonburg, VA
1886, August 26Over the State, The School Bill
1887, February 3Another Trunk Murder
1887, June 2Flames In a Theatre
1887, June 16Rioting at a Picnic

Harrisonburg Republican, Harrisonburg, VA
1844, August 27A Letter From Mr. Clay

Rockingham Daily Records:
Various issues from 1911 to 1913

Our Assistant, Mt. Crawford, VA
1899, AprilTruth, Light, Simplicity, A Time to Laugh
1899, JuneHistorical Sketch of St. Michael's Church
1899, JulyDo You Have One? Do You Read it? Do You Understand It?

The Arrowhead (Shenandoah College)
1941, May 10Cook Will Deliver the Commencement Address
1941, June 7Cole Will Deliver Baccalaureate Sermon
1951, December 12The Messiah
1952, April/MayThe Musical Festival Program
1952, May/JuneCommencement Exercising June Second

Ashby Antics, Turner Ashby High School Paper
Various issues from 1956 to 1959

Daytonian, Dayton High School Paper
1932, March 4
1956, May

Old Commonwealth, Harrisonburg, VA
1867, July 31George Washington is the Select Men of Boston
1880, February 12Public Sale of Valuable Real Estate

The People, Harrisonburg, VA
Various issues from 1883 to 1884

Harrisonburg Enterprise
1870, Sept.-Dec.Bound book of issues

Bridgewater Harald:
1894, March 23The Baptist Raise…!
1894, March 30Baptist Again Raising…!
1894, April 13She Says That He is A Liar
1894, June 1Revolver and Dynamite
1894, June 8Great Damage By Flood
1894, July 20Judge Grosscup On Striker's Rights
1894, September 7Senator Stewart Says Blackmail
1894, September 14Took Six Men to Hold Him
1894, September 28Iowa's Fatal Tornado
1894, October 5After Thirteen Years
1894, October 12The Skies in October
1894, November 9Article about Bridgewater Herald
1894, November 30Canaller's Winter Life
1894, December 14Baron Toll's Discoveries
1897, October 8Plan of the United States to Free Cuba
1897, November 5Ready to Start a Colony
1897, November 12A Little Monster
1897, November 19Drinking Custom
1897, November 26Chewing Gum
1897, December 3Ben Franklin
1897, December 24Sermon on a Tombstone
1897, December 31Poultry Notes
1899, January 13Red Hair in History
1899, January 20History of the Sandwich
1899, January 27The Scavengers of Cuba
1899, February 3Stroke of the Razor
1899, February 10Birds of the Sea
1899, February 17Coconuts in Cuba
1899, February 24Sponge Fishing
1899, March 3Uses for Wood Pulp
1899, March 10The War's Youngest Hero
1899, March 17Young Men!
1899, April 7On Trial for Lynching
1899, April 14Popular Perfumes
1899, April 28Reveal Gigantic Frauds
1899, May 5Queen of Miguelon
1899, May 12It Cost You Nothing
1899, May 19"Bound by an Oath"
1899, May 26Sunk by the Detroit?
1899, June 2Sports of the Samoans
1899, June 9Telegraphic Ticks
1899, June 23Watson Didn't Swear
1899, July 7The City of Cienfuegos Cuba
1899, July 28The Game Tarpon
1899, August 4Big Air Compressor
1899, August 11Brain with Two Owners
1899, August 18A Notorious Swindler
1899, August 25Grievance of a Dead Man
1899, September 1 Shot the Man-Eater Dead
1899, September 8He Worked His Passage
1899, September 15Now The Telediagraph
1899, September 22The McKinley Home
1899, September 29An Erratic Stream
1899, October 6Fall and Winter Goods
1899, October 27The Woman's World
1899, November 3At the Philippines
1899, November 10Porto Rico As it Is
1899, November 17Care of the Teeth
1899, December 1Warships Do Good Work
1899, December 29A Happy New Year to All

Bridgewater Journal:
1882, April 14Poetry, No Time for Hating
1884, April 4People Will Talk
1884, April 25The Denver Express
1884, May 16Me and My Dog
1884, May 23Origin of the Banjo
1884, May 30Glimpses of Nature
1884, August 22A Narrow Escape
1884, October 3Brave in Adversity
1884, November 21The Object of My Love
1885, January 23The New Maggalen
1885, August 7The Deserted Hut and What I Saw There
1885, August 14Virginia Democratic Platform
1885, August 21Never Take Medicine
1885, October 2Through Thorny Pass
1885, October 16Old Bachelor

Miscellaneous Harrisonburg/Rockingham County Papers
1866, March 31The American Union, Harrisonburg, VA
1866, April 28The American Union, Harrisonburg, VA
1878, AprilThe Farm JournalHog dressed calves
1885, June 5The Spirit of the ValleyAfrican Diamonds
1886, October 2The IndependentPort Republic, Va (copy)
1895, November 2The Virginia Clipper, Timberville, VA
1895, November 8The Virginia Echo, Broadway, VA (falling apart)
1877, January The Literary Casket, Singers Glen, VA
1877, AprilThe Literary Casket, Singers Glen, VA
1891, January The Harrisonburg ProgressThe Hotel
1894, August 24Spirit of the Valley, Harrisonburg, VA
1902, February Rockingham Tidings
1905, December 1Spirit of the ValleyIndustrial Section, Part II
1916, Sept. 20The Daily IndependentLook Who is Here Today 5,000 Club
1925, July 31Bridgewater TimesOld Town Hall is Dressed Up

Other Virginia Newspapers:

Shenandoah Valley, New Market, VA
Various issues from 1880 to 1938

The Sun, Page County, VA
Various issues from 1948 to 1950

Northern Virginia Daily
Various issues from 1935 to 1944

Sentinel of the Valley, Woodstock
1844, April 4Battle of New Orleans
1845, May 1A Touching Story
1846, January 15Pathway of Science Prof. Morse-Telegraph

Richmond Papers
1859, August 20Richmond Dispatch (half page)
1863, August 24The Daily Richmond Enq.List of Medical Officers Conf. States
1876, July 17Daily Dispatch, RichmondThe Indian War
1893, May 31The Richmond DispatchPresident Jefferson Davis Funeral
1896, June 1The Richmond Dispatch
1896, July 2The Richmond DispatchWhere Ashby Fell
1896, July 3The Richmond DispatchStone Laid for Pres. Jefferson Davis
1901, February 3The Richmond DispatchJohn Marshall's Life
1916, September 5The Richmond VirginianLincoln's Birthplace Presented to
1942, August 9Richmond Times DispatchPlanning of Airpower for 1943

Miscellaneous Virginia Papers
1845, April 21Lynchburg VirginianRichmond Cash Store
1850, January 19The Valley DemocratPoetry-The Love Song
1864, November 20Lynchburg RepublicanSherman's Move
1880 to 1897Our Sunday School/Our Church Paper, New Market
1914, May 29The Green County Record, Stanardsville, VA
1923, May 19The Fauquier Democrat, Warrenton, VA
1936, March 5Warren Sentinel, Front Royal, VA
1937, October 7The Roanoke TimesU.S. Brands Japan Treaty Violator
1940, January 2Page News and CourierFinns Celebrate New Year w/New
1940, April 16The Evening Leader (Staunton) Augusta History Articles
1940, AprilThe Evening Leader (Staunton) Staunton & Augusta Bi- Centennial Edition
1944, February 2Lexington Gazette, Lexington, VA
1944, December 14Page News and CourierOur Men in Service
1945, May 7The Evening Leader, Staunton, VA Nazi Surrender
1945, August 14The Evening Leader, Staunton, VA Japs Quit!
1947, July 18The Commonwealth ReviewWWII Vets (Brothers) Killed in
Plane Crash
1947, September 30The Commonwealth ReviewState Comm. Plans Drive for Disabled Vet
1948, January 6The Commonwealth ReviewShort History of Page Co.
1976, July 1The Shenandoah HeraldBi-Centennial Edition

Other Miscellaneous Newspapers:

The Washington Post
1918Special Picture Issue World War I
1918, November 5Allies Terms to Germany Signed in Paris
1918, November 10Kaiser Abdicates
1918, November 17Wilson Bound to be Leader in Decision at Versailles
1927, June 12Charles A. Lindbergh Special

Baltimore Papers
1860, May 19Baltimore Weekly Sun
1861, February 8The Sun, BaltimoreThe National Crisis
1882, August 5The BaltimoreanJohn E. Massey for Congress
1900, January 20The Morning Herald, Baltimore Boers War Information
1901, May 9The Sun, Baltimore, MDStonewall's Peril-Incident at Port
1914, October 2Baltimore American PaperWWI Battle
1914, October 3Baltimore American PaperGermans Succeed at Only One Point
1914, October 13Baltimore American PaperFrench Repulse German Attacks
1918, August 11The Sun BaltimorePersonalities in Current News
1918, October 6The Sun BaltimoreCapt. Archie Roosevelt Convalescing
1918, November 13The Sun, Baltimore, MDMarshall Foch Made Armistice

New York Papers
1814, January 19The National Advocate, New York
1861, June 5The New York TimesThe Old Dominion and Her New Masters
1861, August 10Harpers WeeklyThe Lessons of Defeat Bull Run
1862, June 12New York TribuneAnother Battle in the Shen. Valley
1862, June 16New York TribuneThe Battle at Port Republic
1862, June 23The New York HeraldLarge Number of Northern Officers on Leave in Washington
1862, July 17The New York HeraldWar News
1862, September 10The New York HeraldWar News
1863, December 21The New York TribuneWar News
1864, September 24The Weekly Harald, NYVictory in Shenandoah Valley
1864, November 19Harper's Weekly
1865, March 22The New York TimesBattle Flags Captured at Waynesboro
1882, October 24New York Semi-Weekly Times (half page)
1865, June 12The Evening Post, New York
1917, January 6New York TribunePeace Aims of Allies

Miscellaneous Newspapers:
1800, January 4Ulster County GazetteWashington Entombed
1815, June 22The London Times (facsimile)
1828, January 28The Charleston CourierRunaway Slaves
1842, April 5National IntelligencerInvasion of Texas by Mexico
1859, July 5The Frederick Herald (Maryland)
1862, August 2Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper

1863, April 18Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
1863, May 23Saturday Evening Post Gen. Lee Announces Death of Stonewall
1863, July 2The Daily CitizenVicksburg, Miss
1877, June 28The Daily Examiner & Express, Lancaster, PA
1899, August 17National Tribune, Wash. D.C. A Union Man in Richmond
1911, March 26The Atlanta Journal (pages 5,6,8,9 only)
1918, November 12Chicago Herald ExaminerChicago Celebration War End
1918, November 12Chicago Daily TribuneHelp! Germans Ask U.S.
1919, June 13The Stars and StripesVictory Edition
1935, March 21Washington HeraldJail Mess Hall Used for Electrocutions
1937, April 22Christian Science MonitorSections A,B,D, & F
1942, December 6Times HaraldStory of Pearl Harbor
1944, May 27Civilian FrontCivil Defense Newspaper
1945, April 13Times HeraldRoosevelt Dead
1945, May 8S.H.A.E.F. Parachute Edition Paper Peace: Official News
1945, August 10Evening StandardLost City Atom Bomb #2 Nagaski
1945, August 13Honolulu AdvertiserEnd of War
1945, September 2Times Herald, Washington, DC V.J. Ordered as Japs sign
1946, June 2The Stars and StripesMediterranean Printed In Italy
1949, May 20Highland Recorder, Monterey, VA

Title HRHS Newspaper Collection