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Catalog Number HRHS-151
Collection J. Robert Swank Collection
Object Name Collection
J. Robert Swank was a noted historian of the Singers Glen area, and he wrote a detailed book in 1973 about the history of Singers Glen titled Singers Glen Community. In 1972, he also wrote a book titled Family Record of Acker, Beery, Donovan, Driver, Funk, Ralston, Showalter, Swank, Weller. Both of these books are hand-written, but are bound in a hard cover. He also compiled many genealogical charts of families in Rockingham County.

J. Robert Swank's father was S. Henton Swank who opened the Swank Store and Post Office in Singers Glen in 1890 and eventually opened a store in the Mathias, WV area. The account books from the Swank store are available in this collection.

Another business in the Singers Glen community was the Singers Glen Carriage Works owned by George W. Shaffer, which was a wood working shop where he specialized in carriage bodies. The entire second floor of his operation was used for painting and trimming the carriages. He also built washing machines and chicken coops. The account books from this business are also available in this collection.

The Roller & Koiner account book was handed down through the Solomon Funk family and is an account book of the Koiner merchants at or near Waynesboro. Mrs. Solomon Funk was Elizabeth Koiner from Augusta County.

J. Robert Swank compiled many genealogical charts of families in Rockingham County which are available in this collection.

This collection contains the genealogical books and family genealogical charts compiled by J. Robert Swank. Also included are the personal papers of the families of Singers Glen.

Folder 1: Singers Glen Community, book written by J. Robert Swank in 1973
Folder 2: Swank & Swank Ledger No. 1, Swank Store, Singers Glen, 1890 - 1892
Folder 3: S. Henton Swank account book, Swank Store, Singers Glen and Mathias, West Virginia, 1895 - 1899
Folder 4: S. Henton Swank account book, Swank Store, Mathias, West Virginia, 1897
Folder 5: S. Henton Swank account book, Swank Store, Mathias, West Virginia, 1898 - 1899
Folder 6: George W. Shaffer account book, Singers Glen Carriage Works, 1883 - 1886
Folder 7: George W. Shaffer account book, Singers Glen Carriage Works, 1887 - 1896
Folder 8: George W. Shaffer account book, Singers Glen Carriage Works, 1893-1902
Folder 9:
-George W. Shaffer, small memo book, 1892-1893
- Receipts for George W. Shaffer, 1890-1907
-Cancelled checks for George W. Shaffer, 1907-1908
-Bank book for George W. Shaffer from The Rockingham National Bank, 1907-1908
Folder 10:
-Receipts for John Shaffer, 1853-1877
-John Shaffer correspondence, 1870-1876
-Will of John Shaffer, January 28, 1901
-List of personal property of John Shaffer, September 25, 1906
-List of items at public sale for John Shaffer, November 24, 1906
Folder 11:
-Receipts for John Swank, 1839-1859
-Deed dated September 23, 1855 between John Swank and the Joseph Baxter Estate
-Plats of land purchased from Joseph Baxter Estate, 1855
-Deed dated January 17, 1877 between John Swank and George W. Dunavan
-Deed dated August 28, 1901 between George Donovan and Philip H. Donovan
-Deed dated October 3, 1944 between Charles H. Bridges and Warren A. Kratz
-Plats of C. H. Bridges Farm, Singers Glen, 1944
Folder 12:
Deeds/Indentures belonging to John Swank:
-Indenture dated June 22, 1795, between Abraham Branaman and Peter Acker
-Indenture dated June 19, 1804 for the Baxter family
-Indenture dated December 28, 1827 between Edward Conard and John Ludewich
-Indenture dated April 8, 1848 between Peter Driver and John Swank
-Deed dated April 1, 1856 between George Hefner and John Swank
-Deed dated January 28, 1859 between Jonathan Funk and John Swank
-Deed dated August 1, 1867 between John Swank and George Saufley
-Plat of land surveyed for John Swank, May 9, 1833
Folder 13:
-Article of Agreement dated October 21, 1843 between Daniel Swank and Abraham Haugh
-Article of Agreement dated August 25, 1852 between Daniel Swank and John Frank
Article of Agreement dated March 18, 1846 between Daniel Swank and Abraham Haugh
Folder 14:
-Receipts for Peter Swank, 1874-1876
-Letters to Peter Swank, 1874-1875
-List of Swank marriages
-Estate papers for Peter Swank, John Swank, Executor, 1875
-Receipts for Barbara Swank, 1875-1888
Folder 15:
Plat of land relating to the Joseph Swank estate
Folder 16:
-Receipts for Peter Acker, 1840-1873
-Receipts for Peter Acker's estate, 1871-1875
-Papers relating to the last will and testament of Peter Acker
-Descriptions of land owned by Peter Acker, 1795
Folder 17: Roller & Koiner account book from Waynesboro, Virginia, 1878-1879
Folder 18: Scrapbook from the Boyte-Funk home in Bedford, Virginia. An unidentified ledger with dates from 1809 - 1812 was used as a scrapbook with newspaper clippings. The date of the clippings is circa 1840 - 1850.
Folder 19: Family Record of Acker, Beery, Donovan, Driver, Funk, Ralston, Showalter, Swank, Weller, 1972, book by J. Robert Swank
-Index of cemeteries in Rockingham County
OV Box:
Folder 20: 1904 Tax Table for Tracts of Lands in the Linville District in Rockingham County for White land owners only
Folder 21: Scrapbook pages pertaining to the Harrisonburg/Rockingham County area, 1940's through 1960's. Included is a 1951 Edom telephone directory.
Atlas: 1885 atlas of Rockingham County, published by D. J. Lake & Co., belonging to J. Robert Swank
Rolled genealogy charts:
Family tree of Acker/Ocker/Aucker
Family tree of Showalter/Funk/Driver/Swank/Acker
Family tree of Showalter/Swank/Ralston/Hopkins/Dove
Family tree of Rodeffer/Showalter
Family tree of Beery Family
Family tree of John S. Heatwole/Showalter/Swank
Family tree of Driver/Acker/Zimmerman
Family tree of Ralston/Berry
Family tree of Joseph Cromer
Family tree of Trissell/Showalter
Family tree of John Landes/Catherine Miller
Family tree of Ralston/Deavers
Family tree of Charles Swank family
Family tree of Craun/Swank family
Family tree of the bible
1885 Map of Singers Glen
1885 Map of Singers Glen (brown paper)

Framed photograph of fifth annual Funk reunion, 1923

Books to HRHS-150:
Practical Lessons in the Use of English for Primary and Grammar Schools, 1899
Spelling and Letter Writing, 1902
McGuffey's Eclectic Spelling Book, 1896
Johnson's Third Reader, 1897

Title J. Robert Swank Collection