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Catalog Number HRHS-028
Collection Joshua Wilton Papers
Object Name Invoice
Joshua Wilton was a prominent resident of Harrisonburg during the turn of the century. Wilton, a Canadian banker, came to Harrisonburg at age 22 in 1865. He was born in Ontario, Canada in 1843. During his life, he established a metal castings foundry, opened a hardware store, served as president of the First National Bank, master of the Masonic Lodge, a prominent Episcopalian, was a member of RMH building committee and Board of Trustees of the hospital, as well as a member of Harrisonburg City Counsel. He is also credited with providing electricity for the area. Wilton was described in his obituary in the Daily News-Record as "a man who has been one of the factors in the upbuilding of this community since the civil war". Wilton died in Richmond in 1928.

In 1868 Joshua Wilton opened the Wilton Hardware Company on Court Square in Harrisonburg which he operated with his sons for many years. The site of the business, currently a parking lot, was located in the Herbert Hotel building, which Wilton purchased from C.F. Compton in 1879 in the amount of $3,800. Herbert Hotel had a white brick front and was located at the south side of Court Square, two doors west of the First National Bank Building. It was demolished to provide a drive-in branch for the First National Bank. Mr. Wilton was president of the bank.

Receipts range from 1883-1894 and are arranged according to location of vendor store, Series I: Out-of-State; Series II: Virginia; Series III: Local.

Box 1, Series I: Out-of-state, February, 1884- December, 1886 (19 folders):
1.Folder: February, 1884
2.Folder: June, 1884
3.Folder: July, 1884
4.Folder: August, 1884
5.Folder: September, 1884
6.Folder: December, 1884
7.Folder: January, 1885
8.Folder: February, 1885
9.Folder: March, 1885
10.Folder: November, 1885
11.Folder: January, 1886
12.Folder: February. 1886
13.Folder: March, 1886
14.Folder: July, 1886
15.Folder: August, 1886
16.Folder: September, 1886
17.Folder: October, 1886
18.Folder: November, 1886
19.Folder: December, 1886

Box 2, Series I: Out-of-state, January, 1891 - December, 1891 (12 folders):
20.Folder: January, 1891
21.Folder: February, 1891
22.Folder: March, 1891
23.Folder: April, 1891
24.Folder: May, 1891
25.Folder: June, 1891
26.Folder: July, 1891
27.Folder: August, 1891
28.Folder: September, 1891
29.Folder: October, 1891
30.Folder: November, 1891
31.Folder: December, 1891

Box 3, Series I: Out-of-state, January, 1892- December, 1892 (12 folders):
32.Folder: January, 1892
33.Folder: February, 1892
34.Folder: March, 1892
35.Folder: April, 1892
36.Folder: May, 1892
37.Folder: June, 1892
38.Folder: July, 1892
39.Folder: August, 1892
40.Folder: September, 1892
41.Folder: October, 1892
42.Folder: November, 1892
43.Folder: December, 1892

Box 4, Series I: Out-of-state , January, 1893-December, 1893 (12 folders)
44.Folder: January, 1893
45.Folder: February, 1893
46.Folder: March, 1893
47.Folder: April, 1893
48.Folder: May, 1893
49.Folder: June, 1893
50.Folder: July, 1893
51.Folder: August, 1893
52.Folder: September, 1893
53.Folder: October, 1893
54.Folder: November, 1893
55.Folder: December, 1893

Box 5, Series I: Out-of-state, January-April, 1894- June-December, 1894 (11 folders)
56.Folder: January, 1894
57.Folder: February, 1894
58.Folder: March, 1894
59.Folder: April, 1894
60.Folder: June, 1894
61.Folder: July, 1894
62.Folder: August, 1894
63.Folder: September, 1894
64.Folder: October, 1894
65.Folder: November, 1894
66.Folder: December, 1894

Box 6, Series II: Virginia, 1883-1894. Series III: 1884-1894. Series I: undated.
67.Folder: Series II: Virginia, 1883-1894
68.Folder: Series III: Local, 1884-1892
69.Folder: Series III: Local, 1893-1894
70.Folder: Series III: Local, 1891
71.Folder: Series III: Local, 1891 brittle
72.Folder: Series I: undated.

Title Joshua Wilton Papers